FRONTec PRECISION CORP. Jiunn Cherng Co., Ltd

Frontec prececison is an Hi-end OEM bike parts maker which established since Mar./03/2011, we are talent of new design and upgrade from existed bike parts to fulfill their best function performance. Also, we are good at manufacture many basic traditional bike related parts at our original first established plant. Jiunn Cherng Co., Ltd is our first set up plant on 01/Jan/1988. These two plants all are founded by Mr. Gino Lin (Lin Chun-Hoa)

Factory 1 named Jiunn Cherng Co., LTd. is specialty of manufacture hub axle, hub cone, thread pinion, common quick release, chain tensioner and related accessories. Frontec Precision Corp. is factory 2 in focus of CNC level bike parts/medical/internal speed change hub & related creative accessories.

With yearly experiences of alloy parts making and will R&D marketing is gaining lots of trusting customers.

Feel free and no hesitate to contact us if you have any industry produce needs, we are honor and well confident to achieve all your requirements. 

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