SC-03QR Seat Clamp w/QR

1.     Solid A6061-T6 NC housing.

2.     Dia. w/28.6,31.8,34.9 optional.

3.     Patent ball nut w/smoother & tighter fasten power obtained.

4.     Anod. color standard in matte silver/red/black, others upon request.  

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  • TubeleXeal  FT-XT15 Tubeless tire repair set

    SC-03QR Seat Clamp w/QR

    FT-XT15 tubless tire repairment set


    1.   A scratch pina 1.5 mm sealant pin & 5 pcs -1.5mm5cm sealant cords are inside loaded.



     2.   Thread two pins oppositely and eccentric to middle tube for space saving & earrage easily.



    3. Handy & convenient using by 2 ends threading adapt alternatly to middle tube



    price by inquiry
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